An animation about a puppet and her instruments.

Comments and feedback greatly appreciated.

Premium stuff here!! Absolutely one of my favorite animations ever. (I think I might have rendered a few frames for this on Sheep It Renderfarm as well) CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE!

Amazing! Got my attention for the full 6:15, and not many thing can do that haha :wink: Really well done. Interesting idea and very well animated to fit with the song.

I think i may have seen Ohbijou in Toronto - very good :slight_smile: Did you pick the song then design the scene around it, or did you have the idea for the scene and then find the song?

Reminds me salad fingers, looks beautiful. Blending of the neck and clothes doesn’t look good.

Thanks for the comments.

guitarTom47 - I may have seen your name on the render list. Thanks
Blender Matt - I found the song first and then designed the animation around it.
ArasTM - I have to agree with you on that, but by the time i noticed I’d gotten to far into the animatio to be bothered to change it :slight_smile:

Great work, interesting theme. The musical note sync on the strings and frets was excellent.