Steer around an object in 3d

How could a vector be calculated that directs one object around another based on the its location? The only thing I can do so far is cause an object to steer to the right whenever it encounters an object. I have a radar sensor parented to the steering object with the opening angle of its target cone representing the least degree necessary to avoid the other objects.

The attached image might better explain what I mean.


Are the objects dynamic (moving just like the blue object) or static (not moving). If the objects are static then you need some pathfinding. Google ‘pathfinding’ or ‘pathfinding tuts’ or ‘A* (A star)’ (which is a pathfinding algorithm).

Attached is an example of a simple A* implementation. Play around with that once you’ve read up on some articles/docs.

If the objects are dynamic its a bit harder, you’d want to find out where the object is moving to and plot a path around it.


tile_pathfinding.blend (110 KB)

Thanks, this is pretty clever. I’ll see what I can make from it.

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