Steer camera with arrows?

Hello, i want to create a camera that i can move with my arrows on the key board, but i can’t write Python! Please help me, i want be able to steer the camera like a game in a room, some one please!

Please!! i need fast help!!

Select the camera, then use logic bricks in the following order: (logic bricks are under the little purple pacman face)


For example. Key = Right Arrow. And. Motion = Rot 0.1 or something.

You’ll have to connect the three bricks.


(Experiment with the Motion brick to get desired results).

you can have a keyboard sensor for each direction, each connected to their own controller and each of those connected to their own motion actuator.

Thanks! :smiley: I’ll try that now… :smiley:

I figured that out, now i know how to look around with my cam, but how in hell do i save it like an .exe and make it none white/gray so i can see texutures, colurs and things like that? please help!

sounds like you need a tutorial. heres a link to a bunch of em.

if you need any more help, just ask.

Thanks, really good help there… :smiley:

Edit: Hey a prob here, i looked at this tutorial:

And i downloaded the .blend file the problem is that the downloaded file does shade but when i create exaxt same (i think) its not shading when i press “p” and start the game, but all others functions work. %| Please help!

Solved that to. thanks for all help but do some one know how to make meshes transperant? please help!!! :smiley:

Select the mesh, press “f”, go to edit buttons, and press add.

I owe you one! thanks!

Thanks all for your help!

Sound like he/she needs to read the docs first or at least some of the online tutorials.Sheesh, he/she only waited 24 minutes between his/her intial post and then coming back and saying “Hey I need help quick”. I have posted stuff here and NEVER gotten answers. I know that this is all volunteer and people here do have lives. So I try to find the answers myself and come and post things her as a last resort.