Steerin; Can't Enter in The Navigation Mesh

So, I can’t select the navigation mesh in the steering actuator. . . Is this another bug in 2.63? I could work it just fine in 2.62. :confused:


Why dont you just click build navigation mesh button.

Now the cubes don’t even use it.


tmp.blend (858 KB)

In order to use the navigation mesh it must put on pathfollow on the steering actuator.

I did a quick test of the navigation system in a recent Blender build and I didn’t see anything wrong.

The path follow option worked as well as the steering behavior. Do note that the steering needs your object to be set as an obstacle before it can work.

in the physics type drop down button. Select the navigation mesh option with the mesh you want to be your navigation mesh selected.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Due to BMESH, i guess that the navmesh was corrupted, hence you couldn’t select it. Either rebuilding the navmesh, or perhaps just toggling off - on the navmesh physics type would work.