Steering actuator blues? [/cheese]

Hello everyone and thanks for reading my question. I have for a little while now been working on making a turn based tactics game and at first was having some success in generating random maps etc, which I gave up as they don’t work very well with navmeshes. So yeah, I moved on to using a static floor with randomly generated obstacles, the point is that I managed to get the navmesh and pathing working. However, now I have the problem that sometimes, a player character or enemy object will seemingly not turn fast enough to achieve the desired path point. And then what happens is the objects will continuously circle the traget point. Obviously this will never do in a tbs game. Any tips on how to get them to not behave this way? I have tried tweaking the relax distance/turnspeed even tried untick facing, but I still get the problem. : /

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

a link to my blend file:

change radius of actor?

hmm, well unfortuantely that’s not really helped the situation. I’ve decided to just go back to my initial blend and try and figure out my own a* implementation for the game. Thanks for the idea though :wink: