steering actuator code problem

from bge import logic
cont = logic.getCurrentController() 
obj = cont.owner
moleSens = cont.sensors["Mole"]
popSens= cont.sensors["Pop"]
moleSens.propName = "Knife" 
popSens.propName = "Junp" 
actuator = cont.actuators["Enemy"]
if moleSens.positive == True and popSens.positive == True:

I can trigger a motion actuatotor,a track to actuator but not a steering actuator.Why is that?

This code does not rely on the type of the actuator. It relies on the actuator’s name.

I guess the setup for the actuator is incomplete. Try to activate it with a primitive controller to see if it does what you want.

Meaning a and controller.

Yes, an AND controller will do (or an OR, XOR, … ;))

Did you test my code in your blender to see if will work with the steering actuator.What version of blender do you have.

Why should I test it?

As I said the code does not care the type of actuator. It cares the name of the actuator.
You can even add print( ) statements that show you if the code activated or deactivated the actuator. This is a common (quick and dirty) technique to check what the code is doing.

Finally i got it to work.Just had to move around the objects to make it work.