Steering Actuator / Point&Click

Hi all, I’m trying to do a classic "Point’n’click’ simple practice, like old adventures games.
I have added a Steering (Path following) actuator to go to selected object, at first I’m trying with the classic mouse with “Mouse over” sensor(differente problem in the future is with a 3D Object doing like the pointer).
The problem is that I can attach any object like “Target source” but when I want follow the path to the floor, it always goes to the same coordinate (I suppouse, to the pivot point). There are any way to set the coords of the Target Object to says the exatly point to set the “Steering”? I have thinked about to set a ghost empty at mouse click and make this trick says go to this part of the floor but I think is not the best way.
Another way to do this example are welcome :).