Steering actuator

Hey, i´m using a steering actuator in kind “stone” to follow a cone. I have a camera tracking the cone too and it works fine for me. but the steering never tracks the cone. He goes far away from the cone. i already did crtl+a to apply rotation and scale. someone know how to fix?

Are you sure you set the path following mode?

In path following mode the stone doesnt move… :confused: i think i´m doing wrong way in states :confused:

I know i´m not doing this correctly. but i dont know very well how to work with states. there is the file. Someone can fix?
The objective is go to red color on the corner to switch to the cone and put the big stone track the cone!Sorry if you dont see the colors on the floor… to go to the red color to change is just go front to the opposit corner!!EC_Fixed.blend (630 KB)

Steering has nothing to do with states. States are a different feature.

I see … you want to switch between path-following and waiting via states. This is fine. Btw. you can display the current state by enabling the (i) button at the state panel (+ Game/Show Debug Properties).

When is a message with subject “Set_Enemy_Cube” sent? Because this will trigger the state switch.


  • You do not have a navigation mesh set - you need this for path following
  • You set up seek behavior
  • You set an inactive object as target


  • create a navigation mesh
  • configure the Steering actuator to use this navigation mesh
  • configure the Path following behavior
  • set the right target object (the one the object should track too)