Steering Bug? Turn speed has no effect.

The turn speed option appears to have no effect on steering when seeking a target. Am I missing something?

See this attached blend: TurnSpeedFail.blend (469 KB)

Two cones are set to seek a cube.
One has turn speed set to 720
The other has it set to 1

There is absolutely no difference in their behavior

Turning automatic facing off makes no difference.

Can anyone explain this?

yeah, instead use

if condition true------python

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()


V = own.localLinearVelocity.copy()

if V.magnitude > .5:

this assumes +x is forward

adjust the .125 (0 is not turning, 1 is instant)

As soon as I posted I saw your post from earlier this year, so thanks.

With this code am a I still supposed to call the steering actuator from a logic brick or from python?

EDIT. I get it now from python.

So there will also be…

actu = cont.actuators[“steering”]



its a separate controller one Python one And logic Brick.
The Sensor for the Python controller is what I need to figure out for myself.

Ok I set the sensor for the Python Controller as an always controller with TRUE level pulse.

Fixed dumb mistake with axis set incorrectly

Still, now the rotation never settles on a correctly facing orientation. The upper cone spins out of control and the lower cone stops aligning strangelyTurnAlignToAxis-B.blend (474 KB)

Solution: Ok,this is solved by using the worldLinearVelocity instead of local