Steering & Point'n'Click

Hi I’m starting in a Point&Click system enviroment like classic adventure games. I tried with steering actuator (following path). Its perfect to guide the actor to any object, but the problem is to path to the floor, always goes to the same coord (I suppoused to the pivot point), somebody know any way to fix it? The limit of the steering actuator is that can be match to object, but I havent seen to set especifical coord. A trick I have thinked is to place a ghost empty object at click time and then set this empty object like the target object for the Steering, but should be a better way to do it.
If someone can help me with a better idea or some example of Point&Click way…

This is a good solution:

Set a target object (with Python) at the point under the mouse cursor and enable steering.

I think this is the only way to do it. I have a “goto” plane with my cool lit up texture on it (for showing where the character will walk to) and above that I have parented an empty. I set this as the steering to object on click. It took me awhile to get a good system set up but it works really well now with navmeshes and obstacle avoidance. Let me know if you have other questions.

Thank you both for the help, I made by this way (placing a ghost empty at click to be ghost the target of the steering).
I put the example here if somebody need the day of tomorrow.
Demo_BasicPoint&Click.blend (208 KB)

It is useful but not enough. Mouse pointer is limited, the best idea is to use a 3D Object like Pointer, to be more interactive with the environment and the diferent objects with its situations (for example: catch, look, walk … changing the Pointer). But no sound so easy like use standar Windows Pointer, overall for the events with the sensor “Mouse Over” (hitObject …). May be a trick could be to place the 3D Pointer Object linked/attached over the Real Windows Pointer. If somebody can iluminate me with this new inconvenient …


Demo_BasicPoint&Click.blend (201 KB)