Steering Wheel in Car


I have a car with an interior and I made a steering wheel. I have a way for the steering wheel to turn based on the position of the front wheels of the car and animations which works fine but I need a way to attach the wheel to the car and still have it move. If someone could figure this out it would be great! :slight_smile:


Well, you could just rotate the wheel around local axis and parent it to car. For example, get the wheel rotation angle and match steering wheel’s rotation to it…

For some reason there is something wrong and when I parent an object to the car it doesn’t really follow the car. I tried again with a different model and it worked, thanks

Can you use = or have both the car and wheel be parented to an armature?

can you please explain how could you turn steering wheel based on the position of the front wheels of the car

steer.worldOrientation.col[2] = wheel.worldOrientation.col[2]

axis depends on on wich axis (xyz) you got the steering wheel on.

my steering wheel in x axis. i mean must i add bone?

if it are objects,no. just add this python script to your steerinwheel.

def steeringwheel(cont):
    #connect this with always->true pulse - python -module -> scriptname.steeringwheel
    #(scriptname should end with .py in text editor, not in the python brick)
    own = cont.owner
    wheel = own.scene.objects['wheel']
    own.worldOrientation.col[0] = wheel.worldOrientation.col[2] #0,1,2 = x,y,z
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i modelled this steering wheel and it consists of lot of objects so will it works with this script? i try to use it in unreal engine 4

No idea, and why you even come to this forum with that question then? you should go to ue4 forums and ask for help there.

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becuse i rigged car in blender after that i could moved it in ue4 so i must before use blender

theres another help/support area for rigging and animating. nothing here in bge is going to help you.

all logic or mechanics gets done in ue4. again, nothing to do with bge.

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thankks alot i will try with ue4 forum