Steers of Teal

quicky weekend project, Open movies deserve remixes!

funny… love that low poly grass… those cows are gonna starve :slight_smile:

hahahaha. hey check out a couple soundtracks I released in the latest news section, maybe you have a use for them. they are about halfway down the first page.


:slight_smile: Smiled already when I read the title, but laughed when seeing the cows. Good walk cycle and animation!

thanks folks! Modron, nice soundtracks!!! that should be stickied as a resource imo

haha! Like it alot!.. Very nice movement-animations…

Hahaha, I finally get it. I’m a little slow. Really did laugh though. Maybe a sequel, Deers in Heels? But seriously if you want low poly teal livestock with convincing rigging, this remix is gold. Blender needs more artists with a sense of humor, well played sir!

Nice :wink: Gave me a good laugh.

slikdigit, thanks. you probably have more pull around here than I, so feel free to drop the suggestion to the moderators. I will be adding to it at some point.

LOL :slight_smile: Great animation!

YES!!! someone did this! thanks.



Love it, good humor.

animation and render works very fine, simple but realy well done, congratulations!

I don’t get it :confused:

At the risk of explaining the joke:
I ‘remixed’ the title of Tears of Steel, not the movie itself (Steers of Teal is a rough spoonerism of Tears of Steel) resulting in something nonsensical, surreal or anticlimactic depending on your POV: a bunch of teal (a shade of blue) steers (bulls- I believe castrated) calmly enjoying a day in the sun.
PS: a spoonersim is kind of pun where you mix the first letters of a phrase