Stellar Knights is looking for a talented 3D Artist

Stellar Knights is looking for a talented 3D artist to begin development of our flagship game, First Command. We are looking to build a small focused team that can quickly build out a working framework of the game within the next few months, and then quickly begin building out the full game. The position would be unpaid but will provide an excellent portfolio piece and perhaps break us all into the industry.

Skills Needed:

-Must be proficient in 3D modeling
-Must be proficient at UV unwrapping meshes
-Must be willing to accept direction and make changes as necessary
-Capable of importing work into UDK

  • Ability to be flexible within a very creative working environment
    -Ability to work productively with multiple team members as well as on their own
    -Animation experience a major plus

Responsibilities will include:

-Building and skinning the 3D meshes for the game
-Creating Character, ship, and component art assets
-Providing creative input to the team
-Delivering high quality work within requested timeframes
-Helping to create an awesome game!

To apply, please send a cover letter and some examples of your work (sample artwork and/or example of work on a previous game) to [email protected]

A resume is not required but would be appreciated.

Can you supply a link to your website so anyone potentially interested can see what you have already achieved and if you meet a satisfactory level of competence. Especially with unpaid positions like this it is a two way process, both you and they need to be satisfied that the other are serious and capable of achieving the final goal

Sorry, should have thought of that. Here you go:

Edit: the site should be up to date now

Maybe i could helpā€¦pm me here

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