Stellar nursery

Been trying to get realistic looking nebula and stars, here is an attempt.

Ok I zoomed it out a bit …actually it didnt seem to improve,also did some more tweaking which made the nebula even larger which kinda messed up the zooming out so…, I have put the blend file up for you to experiment with, It would be nice to see what you can do with it, let me know how it goes. I think the contrast could be relatively easy to fix with some post production work, which I havent done for these images. My main aim was to make a nebula for animation purpose’s which is fast to render, which it is since the whole image only contains about 20 or so vertices with halo materials. Update: dont bother trying any kind of spinning animations with it, I just found out that as you rotate the camera the halos seem to spin in the oppossite direction for some reason I dont know probably because theyre halo materials.

Here it is:

I think you need a sharper definition between the ‘void’ and the molecular cloud (yes, I can talk scientific too! :p)

looks very nice,
im with sandrew, some more contrast would be nice… or is it the details?

Thats hella nice, but Imo your nebulas are a bit too opaque

Ehh Im not to happy with the contrast either…its the cloud procedural, Been tweeking it for a while doesnt seem to get any better. Transparency I can add tho.

not bad. Why is the light coming off some of the stars different though? Some are shining brightly whilst others are glowing dimly.


Also, some of those brightly flaring stars could possibly be supernovas occuring in other galaxies, depends on the scale/zoom of the picture though.

small request, do you think you could take that picture, move the camera back so that the nebula itself only takes up maybe 2/3s of the picture and lower the number of stars in the back/increase the distance between them (maybe add a little color variance) or snag a space image off google for the background. Ur contrast issue should be fixed just having more of the background showing.
what technique did you use for the nebula itself? I remember using a nebula tutorial a long time ago that used halo particles that looked pretty good. I can try to find it. Gimme a few minutes.

I dunno, it looks pretty perfect just like it is. At least it resembles many images I’ve seen from the Hubble space telescope. I know that if I could make this in Blender I would be a very happy man.

I’d love it if you’d do a quick tutorial on how you achieved this.

The stars, themselves, look a little rectangular.

Nice overall shot!

Pretty damn good. I really like the stars that are apparently blurred by the gas. I’d have to agree about the contrast, something isn’t quite right there… but the colour scheme is awesome.
Don’t suppose you could be persuaded to part with the .blend… ?

I put the blend up .

I just used a basic generated noise backround image for the first one…I have improved the backround somewhat since then.

Here you go: (sorry its not quite centered)