Stellar samurai

Ancient samurai tossed from the past into the future to defeat all the demons n stuff.


What does he have in the glove? The mindstone?

Soulstone, enhances his abilities and let’s him absorb demons corrupted souls, like in onimusha.

I’m missing a bit of context in the image. The demon-aspect of the story is not visible in the image.Furthermore, displaying the samurai with the visible blade of his sword “ready to battle” creates some tension which is lost in the rest of the image. The main focus of the image is at the Mars planet atm. since it is placed in the rule of thirds and the samurai is looking at it. I would expect something interesting there… but there is nothing. Also, the part of the planet which is the focal point is partially affected by the water/ice/scratches from the window. I would suggest adding a compositional counterpart to the samurai. This could be something interesting on the planet surface or the planet surface how it is displayed right now but with some nicer visuals (storm, visible atmosphere fading into the darkness of space, sun appearing behind mars or else).


Nice idea. If this shot was animated, with the character showing a little of an idle breathing motion and the smoke effect flowing in the air, that would attract the viewer’s attention more towards the character and it would make for a great scene.

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