Bicycle stem, based on a drawing/modeling excercise. The design is not meant to be practial, it’s all about aesthetics.

The shading is just a test, will start with the real thing tomorrow.
The (manipulated )3 photos show the foam model used to define the true form.

Comments and suggestions are more than welcome, especialy now, since everything is still open.

A try at ambient occlusion :slight_smile: Don’t know if it will realy add something to the final rendering.

It’s too bright. Turn down the amount of ambient energy in the amb occ settings panel.’


Ok, will do so when I’ve found that panel in the GIMP :slight_smile:

GREAT concept drawing :slight_smile:

Thanks, kroopson!

Next some cleaning up, working on highlights and reflections.

the back hole looks off. is it supposed to be tilted?

It’s supposed to be tilted to the back, not the side. Redrew that ellipse several times already …

It looks great, I think you could see the back hole tilting eather way. It look’s much better now that you made it less bright!


Thanks digital_me!
Actualy the shading from the AO image is still present, but without solid white beneath it.
The layers are:

  • Grey base color
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Environment reflections (just the colors from background “mapped” on the object)
  • Ligh (white)
  • Shadow (black)

The next image will have highlights and self-reflection (in the front corner) added to that.

Final composition, with the original sketch faded in, because it works better with the background sketches.

And single:

GREAT job, thorwil!


the first draw is very very nice, it’s a very perfect draw :o :stuck_out_tongue: