Stencil map over Main materials?

Hey guys!

I was working on a model where i needed 2 Main materials and one stencil material in between them so i can draw freely on the stencil where it reveals the second Material. Not the textures in side of Texture tab. Hope you get what im saying lol? anyway i could remedy this? Thanks guys!


Are you using cycles or BI? if you are using cycles, create a black / white image… use that to drive the mix factor of either a Mix Colour node or a Mix Shader node. The First shader / Colour input will be what black on the texture image is, second will be white… any greys will be a mix of the two together.

Damn i shouldve told that, always forget the engine. yeah BI. I will remember that for Cycles. Thanks mate!

Nothing much different using bi.

aye! : ( my screen was black in that window i thought something was wrong lol. thanks eppo!