Stenciling Issues

When it comes to texturing, I’m pretty much a complete noob. At the moment, I’ve been attempting to create a terrain scene as part of a much larger scale animation project. Everything is modeled and shaped as I would like and I’ve been using the following tutorial to create a stenciled texture

I’ve done everything as it says up until the multiple stencils section as I only need the one. However, the textures are not displaying properly. In the bottom-right preview window, everything displays properly, but in the actual view window and renders, the textures are warped in an odd fashion. I’ve messed with virtually everything in the map input and map to sections. Is there possibly something I am overlooking? For further description, it is a hill-side scene with grass and rock textures and a rock path through a valley. Rather than rock the hilltops and the path, it is instead creating rock spirals around the hilltops and the path skews into the hills and lake.