Stenciling Normal Maps

So stenciling two or three textures together ala this tutorial has been easy and great, but I wanted to add some depth to my textures by throwing some normal maps into the mix. However, while I could theoretically live with my results, I’m actually running into a problem here that I’m hoping someone could help me resolve so I know how to do this in the future.

I have one material on my object with five texture channels, they go like this:

Grass normal
Wood normal

And what happens is that though the Wood texture and Wood normal map are confined to the space revealed by the stencil, the Grass normal map just covers the entire object (even though the Grass texture, obviously, does not). I can hazard a guess as to why this happens, but not how to remedy it.

Anyone happen to know how to make sure the first texture’s normal map stays where its texture is? I can throw up some screenshots if needed, but the packed blend file is a wee bit too big to be attached here.

I think you would set it up like this:

Grass Normal
Wood Normal

I’m not 100% sure it will work, but give it a try.

I believe if you put the stencil on top everything under gets stenciled…

i think you should put them in this order not really sure lol

grass normal
wood normal

Have anyone got this to work? I’ve tried doing this before but never got it to work with more than 1 stencil map on the same material.

I know I could cheat and just “bake” the stencil map into the alpha of the texture. But one big highres image lags more in real time then a small one tiled many times, right?

I also know how to do this with either material or texture nodes. But I can’t seem to get these to show on the BGE, is it possible?

Use nodes to overcome this. But node based materials will only work in GLSL mode.