Stencils + Nor + Spec + Col?

I can’t seem to get stencils to work on a plane with a color, normal, and specular map in the GE. It shows up in the render and in the materials window… any suggestions? also, does mist work? Cuz i can’t get that going either…

Mist doesn’t work in the apricot builds, I don’t know anything about your stencil/normal/color map problem so I can’t help you there.

In 2.46? Mist works fine for me…haven’t tried it in the Apricot builds tho

I care more about the stencils then the mist…

For the mist, you could check out the mini video tutorial on the Apricot blog here:
It’s a way to do mist-type effects with GLSL material nodes, and some interesting colour and alpha effects based on the closeness of the camera to objects.

For the stencilling, have you seen the tutorial about texture splatting on the Apricot blog here:
You probably don’t need the full run-through, but there might have been few steps you missed.

Stencils in BGE are only available in the Apricot build right now, I think. If Apricot isn’t working too well on your system then you might be pleased to know that in a recent post on the blog, it was mentioned that Brecht was staying on for a while in order to get GLSL materials and nodes running on as many systems as possible even though he is (apprently :eek:) not an official member of the development team. Nice one, Brecht :).