Step-by-step and limitations when compiling Blender after GIT

I’m really in trouble trying to compile Blender.

MSVC 2008 and CMake.

Before Git, it was ok, but I quite didn’t get what should I do.

My questions (hope you bear with me):

1 - What are the exact GIT paths that need to be cloned for Blender, Extensions, Addons, etc, in order to have a complete build with most features?
git:// ?
git:// ?
git:// ?

2 - Is there any limitation that affects supported features after Blender has moved to Git?
I mean, something that was working in SVN and isn’t working currently in Git.
I have no “bf_bullet” project here, thus, I can’t compile with bullet…

3 - I could compile Blender once, without most features, BUT revision details didn’t appeared.
Has something to be changed in CMake for the magic to happen?

4 - Could someone please give nice step-by-step instructions for the ones suffering to migrate their environments from SVN to Git (like me)?
I’m completely lost, to be honest.

Wiki didn’t help…

I searched but it seems like I’m alone in this boat :frowning:


I seem to be having success using these directions

I just followed the directions in the first section “Repository Download” and now I can build using MinGW just like I used to
I don’t really understand all the other instructions there and have no idea how the libs get updated