Step by step if you want to render at a certain scale for architecture or design.

Hi all.
This is:
1: A question to everyone as to how this workflow could be done easier in blender.
2: A step by step guide to get an image from blender at a certain scale. (At least the best way I could find).

As for the first point please let me know if anyone has an easier workflow or if somebody with some coding skillz would like to do an addon a la the “Render to Print” addon to help update the camera scale etc.
The ideal solution for me would be a kind of “overwrite render” option where you could specify the scale and the size of the final image or size of camera plane and then blender would do the rest.

As for the second: The problem is that when you work with design and architecture or similar you need to be able to produce images where your object ( be it a tea pot or a building ) is at an exact scale.
I do architecture and so in this example I have modeled a lovely little house for my good friend Suzanne and would like to present the idea to the contractor with a nice image at the scale of 1:100. The house is 10 meters on all sides so on the image it would become 10 cm.

Here we go:

Best regards.

PS: Also if I have made any nasty mistakes please poke me :smiley:

The ‘Render to Print’ addon has some functions that may be useful

Actually that is what I meant by “Render to Paper Size”. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:
It is a great addon and I use it often as it goes some of the way.
But it is a one way function. When you push the button on that addon your render size settings are changed so it calculates all of the cm to pixels stuff.
If only it also adjusted the camera for a specific scale say 1:50 and updated the render sizes as well then it would be brilliant.