Stepping Stones

hey, im finnaly considering this done! please tell me what i could have done better, along with all the usual C&c!

heres the so called ‘final image’…

its ALL blender, with no PP, and no image textures! only a bit of reflection, and many lights.

i hope you like it, and please check out my next bike oriented wip in the WIP section! (might not be there quite yet!)

Looking good, skeletor! :slight_smile: You are definitely getting better. I like the fullness of the scene, the action, the vehicles, and the scale. Maybe another procedural texture channel or two on the mountains for some additional nor and slight color variation (maybe small sized cloud textures). Another thing, if you reapproach this scene, is maybe to create a slightly more credible path for the vehicles to get where they currently are. The clouds look great!

Keep on blending, dude :smiley:


Thanx Robertt! its always nice to hear from someone as masterful (well, as masterful as one can be in blender) as you! very encouraging! thanx


thanks, and no, its not bender, it ME!!! hahha, but, tis anybody u want it to be, but please, nobodies noticed anything …wierd… about it? have they, theres some hidden stuff, please acknowledge it, if u see it, but dont give it away, i want to see if anybody sees it…

PS… vizor, are you into mountain biking? what kinda bike u got?

Way cool! Those mountains look very realistic. Certainly in the Arizona (USA) desert the peaks really do look like that.

I wish that I could see where he was coming from. Maybe if someone else were coming behind him, ready to jump next or something…

thats a pretty good idea, except, hes supposed to be on his own, alone in a struggle agianst himself, and stuff (cant sound to deep, must say ‘and stuff’) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an awesome pic. I was following it in Works-in-Progress and I love the way the terrain has come out. Pretty realistic, I like the striation (is that the right word) … the way the rocks are sort of lined like good sedimentary rocks should be. Anyway the only crit I have is the people holding their hands up seem to be in an identical pose and have no faces and also the red truck seems have been teleported there.
Really like the pic though. The clouds/sky are really great and I love the terrain modelling and texture. I wish you’d do a closeup of your jeep/truck and bike models to see details.
Great job skeletor.


theres a low res closeup in the wip thread of this, come monday ill put up a bigger render for you to check out, its not very detailed, but it is my first car.

cool man that rocks



lol that guy is so gonna die… or really knacker himself…

Lol the cars look like pimp mobiles with hydraulics (sp?)

Really cool pic!

The insane rider with a deathwish has a very realistic pose.

I’d only say the people in the foreground need some work but otherwise, very cool!

yeah I saw those closeups on WiP but I was hopeing for a few renders that featured only the models or meshes, with high detail.
Anyway once again… a really nice render.

  • emik

Remove the closest mountain floor to the right… that leaves the biker in a much higher ordeal… I’m not too kean on the blotchy (eep) flooring of that area… might as well have the sides of the furthest mountains…

oh, and give him somewhere to land… possibly have the right mountain have a steep decline?

other than that… I like the picture… the sky is beautiful, and the mountains do have character to them… the cars colours are good… perhaps change the blue one? doesn’t look a part of the scene. and change the twins actions… they too samey

heres the close up on the jeep

Good job wit ground material. But i don’t see tittle … “E .T. Inspired Jump” :wink:


I love falling things, therefore i love this picture. It looks like he’s going to die, which is cool. :stuck_out_tongue: j/k.