Steps to get 3DCoat 2021 Blender Applink working

I had to figure this out so here it is to help others.

  1. Go into Blender > Edit Preferences > Add ons > search for “3D-coat”. the dash is vital. enable it. Maybe restart Blender if 3Dcoat tab doesn’t pop up. The plugin is packaged with Blender so it should already be in the list. Nothing to download. If not there maybe update to latest Blender.

  2. In Bender go to Properties Panel > Scene > 3D Coat Applink Settings needs to be set to the “Documents\AppLinks\3D-Coat\Exchange” folder. This is vital. In old versions it would be “Documents\3DCoat-2021\Exchange” which changes depending on version. This new folder seems more general so it will work for all new versions of 3dcoat.

  3. Setting Object/Textures folder to any location. This will be where the textures objects are stored when reimporting from 3dcoat

  4. Select something. go to 3dcoat tab in blender. Hit send.

  5. Open 3Dcoat if you didn’t have it open already. 3dcoat should have a pop up.

  6. Make changes wanted in 3dcoat.

  7. Go to File > Open In Original App in 3dcoat. In pop up under Export presets probably will be set to Blender Cycles. If not setting it to Blender Cycles or BlenderAppLink probably would be good.

  8. In Blender hit GetBack in the 3D-Coat plugin tab.