steps to photorealistic

Can anyone tell what he doing to make his scene more photorealistic, what is the steps in this direction.
What kind of light, envirement, materials do you decide to chose? And why…

Rule no. 1 - Study real life.

There’s no magic “make-real” button in any 3d program, I take it that
you know this of course, but it’s important to be aware of the stuff
surrounding you now.

The path to “thinking real”

Look around you where you sit now, what makes the object around
you seem real? Is it the light that comes from the lamp above?
What happens to the light? does it bounce off the wall? (Radiosity/photons)
does the colors from the curtains or your chair…bleed onto the floor or
any other objects?

Look at the reflection in the glass table…or your drinking glass…

Note these things down…and try to “reproduce” these effects by
playing around with material settings on a simple object…

…and thats the key…

Always start out simple…work hard on getting that simple object
to seem real… Don’t try to make a complex scene at once…start
simple…think simple…and study…and repeat.

Following this path steadily will get you to your target if you
have the patience!



Like JoOngle said and use the highest resolution textures you can get.

For bump mapping use gray scale images. Use grunge maps to show dirt in corners and dust, etc. Use big noise maps and materials in your reflective channel for diffused surfaces.

As far as lighting goes, use classic 3 point lighting even with apps like Yafray. Start from total darkness and work in light. Bring up the fill light then the key light. touch up with a back light. Also put your fill light on one layer with objects and make it affect the object on that layer only. Control how your objects receive light with diffusion materials.

There is much more to do as far as tweaking light and textures.

As far a modeling goes, do the best that you can do but try to get your model as close to the real one as possible. This will be the hardest part of this process for more organic models. And don’t be afraid to displace your model here and there. Real life is messy and bumpy.

Just keep tweaking until you just can’t tweak anymore. Then do it again.

Basically, I make hundreds of tiny changes and make a quick render after each one. My images usually look pretty crappy after the first dozen or so renders. But after a few hours, they become more and more satisfying until suddenly…

Don´t forget that there is no such thing as cheating. Its almost impossible to make a render realitic direct from a render. You have to tweak the colors on photoshop/gimp and adding highlight and shadows etc. I know what I´m talking about. It got me a frontpage on cgtalk 2 years ago.

Have you got a link? I’m always interested in Blender artist’s work, who have the coveted front page award at cgtalk.


Have you got a link? I’m always interested in Blender artist’s work, who have the coveted front page award at cgtalk.


Well I have the link here but the picture is gone. I´ll try to upload it on a host. So here it is. Yeah it wasnt Blender btw. But it doesnt matter. A tool is a tool.

Nice work BigBad, was this with Maya’s internal renderer?

You want to tap them up about giving you one of the CGchoice awards, if you got a front page for it.

Good work. :smiley: