Steps to properly setup materials?

Can someone explain to me the process of:

Apply material to object
Apply texture to material
Make it actually show up in renders


Thanks in advance.

It might behoove you to seek out some actual documentation and/or training material. There’s a plethora of it on these here Interwebbernets. That said, lemme try and give a quick run-down…

  • Select your object
  • Go to Material Properties
  • Add new Material
  • Adjust material settings
  • With your object still selected, go to Texture Properties
  • Add new texture
  • Adjust the mapping and influence that the texture has on your material
  • Press F12

Make it actually show up in renders

Also, make sure you have at least one light and a camera in the scene.

It might behoove you that I already have so I broke it down to a few simple questions to clear up what was going wrong…

Which you helped with, so thanks guys.