Stereo Amplifier

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this forum.
I modelled my old Pioneer amplifier. I wanted to make a little animation of it (maybe someday) but I kinda liked this testrender already. Hope you like it too!

All done Blender 2.56beta


Hi, looks really realistic… I like results like this, because you can be pleasant from technic /object/ on render without technical mistakes and fails on render quality… Looks like GI… Render Branch?

man, those old amps had some style :slight_smile: this looks pretty good

Looks really realistic. Nice Blender internal renderer … I’m curious to know how to created that sort-of circular-lines effect on the knobs.

Nice! I especially like the light-blue indicators on the display… very typical of Pioneer stuff of that vintage.

For those wondering about circular lines… some neat effects can be had with env maps and stretching out the uv map to huge proportions. :smiley:

Awesome work! I wish they still made amps like that. :slight_smile:

i have an idea for your amplifier :smiley: go look up
Crazy clocks animation, on youtube
and click on the animation (duhh :P)
its funny and very well animatied (the idea is the stereo on the beginning)

Thanks for the comments guys!

@Jbest: To create the “circular-lines-effect”, I just gave the knob a shiny, reflective material and added a bumpmap (wood, rings) to it. That’s all :slight_smile:

Veeery nice. I agree with endikos, the blue lights finish it off nicely.

love the realism :slight_smile: