Stereo mode with blender usingStereoGraphics hardware

Hello everybody I have a question about the stereo mode with blender… I’m on a SGI Fuel with a Stereographic synchronizer and a 3d glasses CrystalEyes, and I’m trying to test the stereo mode with the older version of blender (more exactly 2.25) But I can’t see in any mode (h/w Pageflip and syncdoubling) :expressionless:

i would like to know if I can use this option in blender… like in PyMol or OpenInventor

I hope you can help me, thanks 8)

I’m not familiar with SGI but in my set-up there is a key combo to enable stereo display (with active opengl window). Maybe yours is the same?

Hi dmoc :smiley: , thanks

well, I’ve seen how to enable the stereo mode with PyMol… we only need to enable the stereo view, cross eye stereo, wall eye stereo, and quad buffer stereo* (*that’s equal to h/w pageflip in blender) when I select quad buffer stereo in PyMol it works fine.

In OpenInventor I have to make a right click in the viewport and then select “stereo” and as pymol, it works fine :expressionless:

when I select H/W pageflip, full screen or windowed and any refresh rate and color dept… it doesn’t work. Even if I use the Unix shell:

./blenderplayer -s hwpageflip lev1.blend :-? …!!

I think that maybe ths option of stereo is not active… I don’t know %|

:o Cool.
Sorry, but I have nothing else, besides the smile, to add to this thread…

I tryied also stereo mode, so I was speaking with some people on forum. But they tell me that The stereo mode isn’t implemented yet and they also tell me that there is only one man which have this options. but he leave blender developers and went to US before we speaking about this issue.

You can try start two same application that communicate via socket. for me it works.


Hello Rangel :slight_smile:

Mmm… did he leave blender developers? bad news :expressionless: I hope that some day a new version of blender have implemented the stereo mode for the BE 8) , an thanks for your sugestions :wink:

Well, I’ll keep trying… I wanto to play my game in stereo mode :< :smiley:

Thanks and see you later :stuck_out_tongue: