Stereo or Mono

I’m not sure what is happening.

I have a stereo wav file. When load it into Blender 2.60a’s Video Sequence Editor and press Alt-A, I get lovely stereo sound.

When I do the same thing in Blender 2.62’s Video Sequence Editor and press Alt-A, only one channel plays.

Same file, same computer, same settings; different results. I checked the User Preferences, they are the same. Does anyone have any clues?

2.62 has some pervasive issues with audio functionality, may be better to pick up 2.61. Supposedly there’s a rebuild of 2.62 to be put up but I haven’t yet seen the note about it that was supposed to be posted on the download page.

Thanks chipmasque.

I wasn’t sure if they had just added in a mono/stereo switch that I couldn’t find.

Hmm, I didnt realise that there were audio bugs in but I have experienced very odd behaviour too. Where did you see these reports chipmasque?

Thanks for that, I have had phantom audio strips playing after I delete them. But wasn’t sure if it was the meta strip it came from or another scene playing in the background. I guess it’s time to wait for reversion and new builds then.

I can’t get any of my audio to play in blender period. I hope this problem will be fixed soon.

Go to File | User Preferences | System… Underneath General you’ll see some settings for Sound. The popup reads about OpenAL being a better choice for the Game Engine. SDL seems to be the best choice for marrying Audio to your Video Sequences. So, that being said, I’m on 2.62 using the 64bit version. I have as yet to make the Audio actually render along with any Video Sequence, but when using the Alt-A key at least my sounds playback in stereo. This as opposed to left speaker mono only when leaving the default User Pref on OpenAL

Hoping we can figure this out together…