Stereo Picture into 3D Mesh

Hey all,
I don’t know if that is possible, but let’s give it a try :evilgrin::
If you have a 6 x 3D Pictures (from top, bottom, left, right, front and back), of course with red and blue colors (anaglyph) is there any way how to convert this 3D Picture into a 3D Mesh (hope there is)? Or is there at least any way to script that function…?
Thanks for answers…

There are some programs out there, but the results can be a bit lacking. red and blue anaglyphs are not going to work, but you should be able to extract the 2 views. is one possibility.

If you have a large number of views of the object, you can also try That one is open source. You will need more than a stereo pair for good results with that though.

Thanks for answers… Photosuclt was exactly what I want, but a little bit expensive… I already tryed Insight3D but I wasn’t very happy with it… :wink: Isn’t there any way to get it in blender?
I thought already you could make a depth map out of the 2 Pictures and then you can load this depth map onto a cube with a “Displace-Modifier”.