Stereo rig

I don’t know if this is the right section to post this in, if it’s not please move it.
I’ve been experimenting with 3D for several months and I decided to post the result here. I’m now working on a 3D animation, with this rig. That’ll be “coming soon”. Anyway, here’s my article:

Stereo Rig

Do you think it can be useful? Critiques are more than welcome.

I found this interesting. I just wish I had 3d glasses to view it!

Looks very interesting, I had a look at susanne with my 3D glasses and it works awesome, however I’m only going to use this if there will be a straight-forward script which does all the work for me :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s way too complicated for me, I’m only into modeling and animating.
oh, and I think it’s definitely usefull. why? because 3D is awesome :3

I think a script will be even more complicated - after all, here you only have some empties you need to move around!

Ah well, I’m sorry but I didn’t quite realize that :stuck_out_tongue:
Why not work with nodes, so you don’t have to merge both output images in a seperate program?
In blender 2.5 you can even insert keyframe for the value of a node (controlling the seperation or image cropping or something)

I do merge the images in blender, but in most cases I need to create both a side-by-side animation for youtube, some wierd 3D format for systems that support 3D and an anaglyph for everything else. So it’s more comfortable to create the two sequences of images and then create whatever node setups you need with image inputs