Stereo sunglasses , anaglyph mode ?

Hi , and i have a question …

what does the anaglyph mode mean ?
does it need special glasses , can i make one at home ???


Anaglyph are the red/blue glasses. You can make them at home if you have multicolored cellophane, but you probably don’t.

I’ve tried it though, and there seems to be something wrong with it. The colors seem to far apart, and I get a headache trying to make the image converge.

You should probably do a google search on this question or look in a dictionary with regards to the glasses and making them.

There is a little information in the wiki about the settings.

I’m still confused as to what the purpose is for those different settings. I’ve tried them out but ive never seen any use for them…

Hmm, I read someplace, maybe the wiki that you can set the distance to match your viewing distance, or maybe it said what distance you had to be to view correctly?