Today, I’ve learned how to use group-linking between blendfiles. And I have to say that it’s just lovely to use when you want a structured scene setup. So… I have started to work on a Stereo, the first part is the speakers that is almost done… there will be a bit of texture-tweek in the end, but it’s final for now. The next step will be the “CD”-part of the stereo :slight_smile:

did u use indigo to reneder this or blender internal with AO, couze the ground looks very grainy

Nicely done, I don’t really mind the grainy floor. But less noise shouldn’t hurt.

When you say that you linked different blend files together…did you use a python script for that? And the speakers look great by the way.

It’s Blender Internal with AO I’m not rendering with full AO right now. I would have rendered it with Indigo if the export script was working with linked objects.
Cyborg DragonThanks, less noise will be fixed for the final render
Nope, not any python scripts here. Try to create a file and make a object, then add that object to a group. Then make a new file and append that group in to you new file (Don’t forget to activate “linked”) Now when you go back to you first file and edit that object, also the object in the second file will change. And thanks! :slight_smile:

Great loudspeakers. And thanks for that linking tip! (Didn’t even know blender was capable of something that cool!)

Looks great. What sort of texture is the speaker? Photo or proced.?

I am also interested in the speaker texture. Can you give us the details on the black fabric texture please? I have been struggling with black fabric for years now.

Thanks! Yea, it’s a realy good way of working
Saxofoner:Thank you, It’s Procedural.
Sure I can, here’s the settings:

And… a update… Now with the render infromt of me, I see there’s much to work on :frowning:

Thanks… I tried it and mine came out looking very gray instead of black. I guess it is a function of the lighting in the scene and I can either tweak that or tweak the material to compensate.

Your stereo is looking pretty good so far.

That stereo looks very cool and stylish.
I wouldn’t mind have one like that in my room ^^
Just one question that might be a tiny bit off-topic but what font is it that you’re using for the display.
My only crit is that there should be a little more detail, e.g small creases for design purposes, more buttons and maybe something nice on the disc tray?

Its looking very good…sleek and cool. Gret work