Stereoscopic 3-d test

If you have never seen one of these before, you want to open the image full size first, then stare at the middle of the image. What you want to do is cross your eyes until the 2 images merge. Its tough the first time, but gets easier after that.


I tried to cross my eyes but I quite couldn’t make it work, at least it’s impossible to focus.
Anyway I think the perspective is a bit flat to even make it look good in 3d.

I think it might be better to do it like this:

Though you need the “glasses” for it (two came with a digital camera I recently got for me lul).

You kind of inspired me to try also do some a 3d image test with Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha
Great. I used to do it the past. With small photos. Easy for me. Just avoid doing it all the time LOL.
I’ll try it.

It is tough the first time, but once you get it its easy.