Stereoscopic 3D image tests.

As a test for my current project of improving my Architectual modelling in the hope to sell some on Turbosquid, I delved into the world of stereoscopic 3D.

Although I have definately not PERFECTED my process yet, I think I am making headway.

The first is of course the default cube. With a 3 point light setup and AO. The cameras are approximately 0.15 Blender Units apart.

The Second (and my favorite) one is the same building, a view of the door with my favorite silhouette on the doorstep. The cameras where about 0.9 Blender units apart. Take special note of the door, and the Shadow of the Silhouette.

The Third is a sample of my Architectual work from the last few days. Again, AO as I found it makes depth a lot easier to detect, because of verious shadow effects. The cameras for this where considerably further apart. At approx 4 Blender units.

All images Blender internal, and put together in GIMP.
In case you don’t know how to view stereoscopic 3D, first, relax your eyes.
Then concentrate into what is effectively past your computerscreen. Slowly the 2 images should come together, to form one clear, 3D image. Dissadvantages of this are that yuo only get half screen width. But I don’t really mind, as my building is higher than it is wide.

If you want to know more about how I did this, just ask :wink:

PS: BA may not show the image at full res. Click on the image twice to see it in full uploaded res (which shouldn’t be below the res I made them in, because it was under 1024x1024)