Stereoscopic Dosch flat Render


Here’s a little tinker,
a stereo pic of my dosch flat scene.
Blender 2.43 and rendered in Indigo 0.6

Use the cross-eye method for viewing.

Howto: Hold your head 20-30 CM from your monitor. Start crossing your eyes till both the white crosses merge to one cross in the middle. Then look at the image.

It takes some getting used to If it’s very blurry, move your head a little closer to the screen.

After some practice, you should see a clear sharp 3D holographic picture.

Try adjusting the crossing of your eyes and the distance of your head to the monitor to ‘lock on’
If you have to cross your eyes too much, make the image a bit smaller on your screen (eg if you are on a lower resolution)


5 stars.
p.s. i like the smilies

That’s frickin’ awesome.

Wow, Radiance I am an official fan of your work now! This is brilliant! 5 stars, easy.

I’ve added some crosses to make focusing easier :wink:


Nice :slight_smile:
Like the models and the lightning.
Can you give us a bigger image to look at?

holy crap that’s cool.

nice work!

i dont get it

That is so nice! Real life DOF effect for me here! :slight_smile:


Red flag. You see 3d because your eyes see two different images from slightly different angles. Your brain interprets the difference as depth. So, to see this picture in 3D. Sit at a comfortable distance, eyes level with each other, then slowly cross your eyes until the two pictures line up. It should look like there are three pictures if you do it right, and the middle one will be 3d, cause the brain will match them up and interpret the two slightly different angles of the picture as depth. Use the crosses to help you.

Yeah, I get DOF too! Im another oficial radiance worshipper now.

Keep dishing out this amazing stuff man!
5 stars

oh shii

its 3d 3d

thats hot.

lol, the 3D effect is amazing!

more of this!

This is the first time I have ever been able to achieve this affect with my eyes. I was totally shocked and excited to see it work! Awesome. Can you give a tut on how to do that?

@reaper: Make a scene, any scene, have 2 cameras a short distance apart, representing 1 eye each. Render from both camera positions and put images side by side. Not difficult. But it does help when you have something really great to look at like this.

sweeeeeet! jUst dont drive or operate heavy machinery for awailae after uncorossing uur ieys. or tyry to type.

Another way you can make a 3D effect without having to do the cross-eyed thing is with “wobblevision”. You get the two images and swap them about 80ms. Or, at 40ms if you also have an “inbetween” image with each one 50% opacity (faded onto each other).

Not everyone likes this effect (can give motion sickness etc) and it works better for some people than others. The effect requires only a slight difference between the separate “eye views”. If I use the example of this thread, it shakes a bit too much. With the cameras closer together there would only be a slight tremble and you’d have a better idea…

Lancer, I rather enjoy that approach. But yeah, gets a bit annoying after a while.

That is a toatal spin out for me, i’m going to be looking at that for hours.:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

I cant seem to do it, i cannot cross my eyes good enough to do it, and also my eyes aren’t great, as i have one lazy eye that is unable to focus onto anything, so all i can see from it is a large blur, and it i cant hold my eyes still when crossing them over, and they go wAYYY out of focus when i try it… unfortunately…

But the image is great!