Stereoscopic render basics

Is there a resource that can show me how to make stereoscopic renders? I’m using Maya to render out an image sequence from two cameras as .jpeg files. I want to put them together in Blender and upload them to YT. I don’t know how YT handles stereoscopic videos, but Blender’s part is the first thing.


I´d recommend side by side, it’s often used, because if you play it on a playback device without stereo, the second half of the video simply is cropped and you can watch one of the cameras as “normal” video.
I truly take account the time you’ve taken to share your thoughts. It is a outstanding assistance, thanks so much!

Is that for watching, or does it have to do with uploading as well? I haven’t made the video yet, I just have the two sets of image sequences, so I’m trying to get it from that to the watchable point. Thanks for any further tips!

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