Stereoscopic Render Problem

Hi all,
I created a stereoscopic render with Ben Simond’s node setup and with the stereoscopic camera add-on.
Using the red/cyan glasses, the colors aren’t shown correctly, most colors are green. Any way to fix that?


Hi @Garrison, I haven’t tried Ben’s setup, but I did find this tut in YT ( it was very easy to follow and setup…here’s te result of my attempt at it…/uploads/default/original/4X/6/5/5/65554f94577ea30b4e516add3f1c33714bfd0380.jpgd=1414417771

Hope it helps…BTW scene looks great

Thanks, but the tut and your render are both grey. I’ve been able to get clay renders to work but not colored.



Thanks though!

You’re welcome, I reckon it has to do more with the fact that you are breaking the image into red/cyan that shifts ALL the colours towards green once your brain rebuilds it rather than the actual technique. I did this render…it’s a full coloured image and still the end results have colour shift.

Hope this gives you an idea of how to get it to work

Okay, I guess I’ll have to change it to black and white or go with it looking green.
Thanks for all your input.:yes:

Yeah, anaglyph stereo will distort your colors pretty significantly. It’s pretty tough to get around.

I wonder how the movies in the theaters did it before they had RealD and IMax.

The technology behind RealD has been around for about 80 years. RealD is just a brand of polarized filter technology