Stereoscopic rendering

Is there a way to do a side by side, or stereo pair render in blender?

If you dont know what I’m talking about… go here:

that is a very nice example of stereo pairs… cross your eyes untill the images overlap, and you will see the image in 3D.

From here:

and search Elysiun for many many posts about this.


I just moved the camera over a bit for the second rendering.
The Blue/Red image is the two images merged into one, with the help of PaintShop Pro.

Yes, basically move the camera in the x dimension between rendering the left and right image. You might want to create a stereo camera by parenting two cameras to a null object. It is best to keep the cameras parallel. The distance between cameras is determined by the geometry of your scene and the focal length of your cameras, however a simple rule of thumb is to separate the cameras by one unit for every 30 units of distance between the nearest object and the camera.

Switch between cameras by selecting the desired camera and pressing Ctrl-Num0.

After you have your two images, or two movie files, you can use these free programs to convert them into every possible stereoscopic format:

Please share your real 3D work! :slight_smile:

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