Stereoscopic VR Cubemap Animation Render?

So I understand the basics of how to render a cubemap, but after a lot of searching there are still some nagging questions I have about its inner workings.

1A. How easy is it to render an animation as a cubemap?
1B. What if I want it to be stereoscopic? Would I have to render one perspective, then shift the cubemap over and render again from the other?
2. How easy/difficult is it to recombine the cubemap into an equirectangular Spherical Stereo render suitable for VR viewing?
3. Is a cubemap render even the best option for rendering for VR (discounting the Cycles Equirectangular options)?

I am asking because in this post I was wondering if anyone knew if EEVEE would implement VR rendering, and while the inclusion of that functionality is still unknown, a lot of responses involved cubemap rendering. Thanks in advance for any answers!

P.S. If there happen to be any plugins for Blender that automate cubemaps that fit what I’ve described, definitely let me know!

Does anyone have any answers for me?