Ever wondered how you’re stereotyped? Well I was thinking the other day, what is the stereotype of Australia? I don’t actually know what it is.

People over here say that its about us speaking like “chuck some shrimp on the barbee” and riding kangaroo’s to town, but how can they really know, they live here.

So, what is the stereotype of Australia. It must differ from country to country aswell.

stereotypes exist for almost every variety of peoples. for example, for me (A deaf person) peoples generally seems to behave as if I have low level of intelligence even if I happen to be reading a (around) thousand pages novel (The Pillars of Earth is a awesome book BTW) (bigger books than most peoples in general regularly reads) right there and then.

P.S. This types of stereotypes are actually pretty damaging. much more than peoples would believe. just go to a deaf school and watch how the staffs in general treats the deaf peoples. They generally behaves like the stereotype are true and in turn end up not teaching the deaf kids properly in general which helps reinforce the misconception that deaf peoples can’t learn right. I’m hoping to fight against this stereotypes by learning how to creates 3D characters and animations so I could creates a series of educational videos utilizing sign language and subtitles to teaches a varieties of subject as clearly as I can.

I’ve heard about that and blind stereotypes, how people just pass them off as having low intelligence. I hope you do well series of videos.

Thanks :slight_smile: I actually can’t wait till I move to DC this November (my mom got me a plane ticket for my birthday to help me move out of this town) because there is a huge deaf community in DC due to the Gallaudet University there. hopefully I’ll learn the basic and be ready to start working on this project once I move there. There is a lot of students there who takes deaf history, deaf educations, sign language courses, and a variety of subjects that could help me refine the series of clips.

Sorry for getting a bit off-topic here. As you can probably see, Deaf education is a bit of a serious pet peeves of mine since I’ve gone through the same thing. I still have occasional issues trying to follow through with major project and study habits due to that very stereotype.

australian stereotype:

loud, drunk “shut it ya whingin pom” and of course “rack off Bouncer!”…and who could forget Steve Irwin?

although of the <10 aussies i’ve met so far, I have to say that not one of them has ever called me a pom or been anything other than freindly. I can’t believe Neighbours is still going strong by the way…

From an anthropological view stereotypes have a valid function. our pre-civilised brains needed to be able to categorise something based on experiencing it probably no more than once. Eg - predators are to be avoided, the tribe from over the mountain are aggressive, etc etc.

I don’t think that there is too much use for them now; for example, my stereotyping gay men as bald effete sex addicts is as ludicrous as it sounds; but for some reason that’s the accepted wisdom.

I’m more comfortable having a preconceived idea of how the random stranger is going to react to me. (Stereotyped, of course)

Seems to me that the important thing is realizing that I’m probably wrong.

Stereotypes of Austria (where real happenings mostly from friends) visiting the states ^^

Do you all look like >this<
Do you all live in the alps?
Do you have water in your houses?
Do you have electircity?
Do you all yodel?
Are woman allowed to drive cars?
The obligatory question for Kangaroos - hence Austria != Australia

A guy had birthday and got a cake covered with red marzipan, a white marzipan circle and a “Hakenkreuz” on it… they host family thought its custom here. don´t remember if it was a german or austrian guy… yeah well. i met some girls once in Berlin/Germany who actually thought Austria is still a part of Germany… (not anymore since 1945 but hey, whos counting ^^) so y make a differnce here… lol

But it´s fair to say the states got cities bigger than austria, nevertheless, I know most of the countries in the world, most US citizen don´t even know their way around in the next state :wink: no offense meant.

No offense taken, I can hardly find my way around my own state!

Ausies like sheep, don’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sheep Shaggers the lot of them. And not so good rugby players?

I think that’s people from NZ, isn’t it? or Wales? or Derby? (I could be going into too much detail here for an international forum…)

Wait… they gave him a nazi birthday cake? This was a host family in the US, wasn’t it?

Because that’s the stereotype for us. We’re stupid, fat, lazy, gun-loving, uncivilized, overly-patriotic bastards.

And I know a few stereotypes for other countries, but I dunno how popular they are. I know that Steve Irwin was basically a walking stereotype (on TV, at least). Finland is a constantly damp place where there’s lots of fishing and satanic black metal fans roam the streets at night. And that’s true for Norway as well. And Germany, minus the dampness but with more Nazis. And Sweden, minus the dampness and with more banks. And cheese. Italy is full of gangsters, motor scooters, fascists and incredibly sexy women (with large eyebrows), but once you get out into the country it’s just olive trees and 4 star restaurants as far as the eye can see. Cuba is half cigar factory, half torture chamber. Russia is one giant sparsely populated wooded area, with the exception of Moscow. Moscow is populated with thick-bearded men wearing identical grey coats with fuzzy bits on the collar and sleeves, and big fuzzy hats, and incredibly ugly women. People there eat only potatoes and are known to take out bears in single combat. Japanese people all have at least one decorative sword in their house, right next to the 20 video game consoles. Everyone is always reading a comic book, and the only time they stop is to solve a complex math problem or commit hari-kari. Every citizen knows karate.

God, this is so much fun.

EDIT: What’s rugby? Is that the one with the flat bat? (sorry, just too obvious a joke for an ignorant American to pass up.)

Rugby is that game in which South Africa has just beaten Australia 53 -8. Officially the biggest hiding the Ausies have gotten in their entire history.
Also, it is similar to American football, except its played by real men, not fags in thick padded protective clothing.

^^ guffaws

Oh dear ebow3d you seem to be throwing down the gauntlet by making a stereotypical statement like that!

As for the stereotype thing, there’s nothing worst than when one of my own countrymen lives up to their stereotype; fat brits on holiday eating fried greasy food, getting drunk wearing union jack boxer shorts with big fat bellies getting in to fights and chanting “enigerland enigerland enigerland”

Stereotypes anyone… here we go… :evilgrin::evilgrin: (advice if you do not understand sarcasm and are easily offended you might not want to read on!)

Friendly drunken guys who can actually drink lots and lots of beer and always get on top of the table and try to get naked at the octoberfest. Oh and they are hard to understand but we (Germans) tend to think that is due to the alcohol they consumed :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides the patriotic, noneducated hillibilly statements allready mentioned :wink: it is the same as the Australians except they can’t drink lots and lots of beer. And I’m talking about real beer not your f***ed up budweiser stuff. :no:

Stupid krauts that wear short leather pants and do weird dances slapping themself on the thighs. Oh yea they can drink lot’s and lots of beer but do not tend to want to get naked while dancing on the table at the octoberfest.

Ich sag nur Nußer :wink:

EDITED: British?
Island monkeys that put peppermint sauce on everything they eat. :wink:

Ha musk that’s so funny but were dose the peppermint sauce thing come from I’ve never heard of that

Thats not Australia! Thats New Zeland!

Please dont get the 2 confused! (Aus has a small rivalry with NZ, and vis-versa :eyebrowlift2:)

In a lecture at Uni today, our lecturer explained the difference between an Aussie and a Kiwi (aka a ‘New Zealender’)
It was pretty entertaining, to say the least.

I do not know where that started, maybe Asterix und Obleix comics, I do not know but in general the German stereotypical image of British is that they can’t cook and an example that is always given is some stew with peppermint sauce.

Who cares - they’re both somewhere in Mexico, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think Australia is that country where you actually need a criminal record just to enter.