stereotypical alien thingy, but with hair...

hey! i got lost somewhere in the production of the bc art festival 04 intro and needed to relax… and what’s better for cooling down than making a small blender pic? :smiley:

so here goes this fella… and yes, aliens do have hair! :stuck_out_tongue:

okay… 2 day break is over, gotta continue animating…

Coming along nicely!

Some crits: The eyes don’t look very 3d, or real (though changing them could really make the rendering go a lot slower). The hair around the ear needs a little work, though it won’t be noticed in animation.

All in all…excellent!

Whoa…That is one of the best blender images I’ve ever seen, including all of yours! :o
I am eternally amazed at your skill…

Great to see new work from you @ndy, and what a great work it is! The hair came out very well, and the character is superb.

The master returns to remind us all how it’s really done :wink:

Can’t wait to see your bc art festival stuff.

Take care @ndy and keep on Blending, you inspire us all,


It looks exactly like a clip from a movie… :o

Whoa, really realistic. The best work of yours so far :o :o :o :o :o

That sure is some cool down pic. Really nice job. The nose and lips are very good. The eyebrows also are very high quality. I cant wait to see your next work I am sure it will be great as always.


Hey, people, has anyone seen my jaws? I seem to have lost them somewhere.

So, this is the missing link then, thanx for showing us !
(According to the theory that aliens come from the future, and they actualy are evolved from humans, this image pictures a specie somewhere in between :slight_smile: )

Great texturing and lighting, that’s one scary alien. :o

Keep it up.

@ndy you [email protected]@rd!! I’ll teach you to call that a “relaxation image”!!!
my god man, have you no shame :wink:
By all this I mean: excellent job. woof. Now go finish that intro animation, So we can all keel over in adulation :<

:o :o :o
Wow, again I’m really impressed by the quality of your work.

that alien is simply amazing! the hair is great! This is definitely a great motivation for all of us to continue blending hard try and come close to achieving something like this 8)


It reminds me of the alien from Signs with Mel Gibson.


You might wanna fix your sig in the lower right corner. I can barely see it.

Thats… just amazing…
And thats a simple relaxing project for you!
I can’t wait till I know how to blend that well… :o

that is frikkin’ smurf. absolutely stunning

My hats off for you; what is that like 100 top quality images you’ve pumped out?

Excelent use of lighting to put up a mood man.

A couple smalll crits though. His beard is a diffrent colour then his eyebrows and hair. Also dont you think that if he did have a beard that he would have a little bit of fuzz on his cheeks? not very much but like the tinyest trace amount. I mean unless he’s got a super duper laser shaver (which is cool) he’s not going to be baby skin smooth.

the reflection in his eye, seems really weird; look at the bottom right of the eye closest to us, it seems to be reflecting a light infront of him but the light that shines on him comes from the side.
thats about it…
Great job.

Excuse me while I tidy up the epic bowel movement that just occured within my pants.


Have you posted this on CGTalk yet? I think it deserves it. :wink:

How did you create the hair? Was it the fiber generator or the beast or something else?