this was supposed to ba a test for the new taper curevs (look for it in the “new feature test” thread) but it came up way too pretty (IMHO) to be abondend in the “new feature test thread”. the picture it self make use of the taper curves as I mentioned. Also I used spot lamps with buff shadows to get the blurry shadows and thuss giving more feeling of tru translucency. no raytracing stuff here… pure old school.

C&C’s are wellcome

            thanks in advance Aner.

no crits here. nice test, did you use translucency on the materials, or is just faked with the shadows?

Ah, old school render with no raytrace. Love those.

Great work here @ner. Beautiful.


Very realistic and has a great soft feel to it. :slight_smile:

wow thanks… well here is a little update:

That’s even better, @ner. Beautiful picture!

Interesting what comes out if you do a feature test :D.

Yeah … good

Looks great

no raytracing stuff here… pure old school.

without raytracing :o :smiley: :smiley:

Looks great :smiley:


my new desktop!

Looks really nice @ner! I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about this curve stuff but not anything that really explains exactly what it it. Care to fill us in?

slikdigit: I’ve used translucency but I think the translucency effect is the resault of the lightining rather than the matirials properties.

BgDM: I love them too, except for being much prettier because the don’t mess around with unnessecery features they also renders much faster :smiley:

Kansas_15: thanks… the “soft” feeling is the result of the lighting (mostly the use of buff spotlight) and of a mild pp.

thoro: I think that most of my work is either test works or made with test builds with features that are not in official build.

Darkmoon: It may come as a surprise but most of the best works made with blender that I know were made either before raytracing was an option, or was done without raytracing while this option existed, or used very mild raytracing. Actually I think the avarege level of works in Elysiun was much higher before raytracing appeared in the scene. I don’t say ray tracins isn’t good - not at all… but it should be used wisely… you’ll find out youre render comes out much better and faster.

keithian: thanks :smiley:

Phrangkk: I use it too as a wallpaper… but I’m getting fedout of all this yellow… I don’t really like this color. :slight_smile:

TorQ: well first of all there is this link:
second there is this post:
and thierd: taper curves allow you to manipulate the size of an bevel curve (a curve that another curved is used to control the bevel of the corve.) using another curve… I think the two links above will explain that much better and without my spelling mistakes and bad english.

thanks for the comments guys… Aner.