"Steroid dude" : new update @ post #8

(Jamesk) #1

I’m aiming for something extremely muscular here… Just the torso so far… Have a looksie…


(Detritus) #2

He´s looking pretty good, but I think that you would get a better result if the shape of the muscles (breast-muscles and sixpack) wasn´t so rounded. Their appearance is hard to describe, but you could launch up www.google.com and search for bodybuilders or human anatomy or something. Or maybe look in a medical book. But it´s good as a start!

(Caronte) #3

You can find a good resource material about muscle anatomy at:

I’m working now on a nice Muscle Woman, and it’s more dificult than I was imagine.

To everybody: If the render of the muscle woman I am working on, is very realistic, this image will be porn or not? (because is not a real woman?).

(valarking) #4

Not unless it’s designed to provoke sexual arousement.

(Jamesk) #5

Thanks for that link, Caronte! Excellent ref stuff there. Updates will follow.

(Jamesk) #6

Gave him arms and a quick testrender. Turned out a bit “squarish” at some places… need to fix that. Then it’s time to build some hands.


(Dani) #7

Good start.

Here’s one comment: they’re are FOUR pairs of abdominals, rounded, not so elongated and closer to the middle of the body. Arms still need some works… well, it’s a wip isn’t it? :slight_smile:


(Jamesk) #8

OK, need to add another pair of abdominals… Thanks for pointing that out… :-} Anyways, have given the arms some more work and generally bumped things up… various views below:




(Eric) #9

Looks like you’ve got the edgeloops quite right, thought that I think the anatomy is wrong. It’s gettin’ better althought :slight_smile: