Steve, a .blend for you all

Okidoki, here is Steve, well at least a version of him that I didn’t like (he wasn’t animation friendly). He is one of the characters of a Short I am working on: “George and Steve”. A new version has been created (see the sig and go the the last page). So, yeah the movie isn’t dead and I wasn’t sure if everyone saw The link I posted there. So here is the .blend and now I also include really bad texures used in making Steve. For non-comercial projects. And tell me if you are going to use him in anything so that I can give a yes or no.

Its all here as well as some full quality animation tests of George the other character:



ha!, I loved this model, great work. Id take it, but i prefer to do my own modeling. Hones ma skills, and keeps me creative.
peace out man, awesome job

Free ality, I understand completely, the new and improved steve is a lot better than the last, see the sig.