Steve Le Can

Hello to all in the BlenderArtists-Forum.

I knew Blender for about 3 years now and a year ago I really started learning it. I learned much things since I started and 3 weeks ago I decided to start with a bigger project. I started to create my first 3D-Character. Now I’m finished with the modelling part and I wan’t to share it with you and maybe get feedback.

My todos are:
*creating materials
*final rendering

So look at the first renderings and write what you think.

At the end I think I should apologies about my bad english. I am AUSTRIAN ;).


Funny looking guy. :slight_smile: I think he would work fine in an animation.

nice feller… not so sure about the teeth though… seem not to match the style very well.

I don’t think that this is the teeths fault. If there is something that doesn’t match the style it’s the head. But I would not change it. The head was the base for the whole character and I like it this way.

Really like this guy and as said, I think he’d work out fine in animation.

I also think this would be great. And I will start as soon as possible with the material and rigging-process.