Steve the Bunny FREE RIG!


I have finally completed Steve the Bunny and I’ve released him as a free downloadable rig on both my site and my blog.

So please go ahead and download Steve from either -->


My blog -->

I’d love for some of you to try him out and tell me what you think. Please keep in mind that this is my very first free rig and I know that there are some “not professional” aspects of the model and rig. I have more ideas of characters that I want to make and release for free.

2 quick notes:

#1 You get full control over the eyes (together and separately)
#2 There are 2 Shape Keys on the mouth.

Here are some renders (and screenshot of the .blend file):

And of course, if you make anything with Steve, I’d love to see it! Enjoy :smiley:

Thanks very much for sharing your work. It looks like a fun rig to play with and learn from.

This rabbit is way too cute.

Thank you. A very simple and easy to use character. Tidy work.

harveen, sornen, Lancer, thanks guys! Glad you like Steve!