Steve the funny bunny (TEST ANIMATION ON VIMEO!!)

– Steve –

  - WIP -
  • Blender 2.49 -

Modelling - COMPLETE
Materials - COMPLETE
Rigging - COMPLETE

Test Animation: COMPLETE Link on post #19

This is a little exercise to build my general character development skills. Modelling took about an hour. I’m ready to go on to materials and texturing but just wanted to put it up here for some tips and criticism. Is there anything about this mesh that I could improve? Any comments are appreciated!

I wonder what my inspiration could have possibly been. Rayman Raving Rabbids? No, that’s impossible.


Just kidding. Of course that was my inspiration. But I’m not modelling a “rabbid”. Just a little bunny dude to use for some posses and possibly an animation.

Thanks for reading this and please critique my model!


LOL! i love it, its very funny!!! hahaha

the model looks just great, ill be wating for the texture adn rig! :stuck_out_tongue:

keep the good work m8

Thank you shotforce! Glad you like the model :smiley:

Here’s a small update. I’m not sure yet about the eyes (I just used a texture I had from another project).


Very small update: Ear color. How does this look? Is it too bold? Wrong shade? Feedback please!


Reminds me a lot of Ray Man’s bunnies :slight_smile:
I’d like to see a mouth modeled though… Also to see the ears connected to the head, it just doesnt look right this way, to me.
And I do think that the ear shader is wrong, maybe turn it pink?

@ finkgab: Thank you for taking the time to crit my model :slight_smile:

#1 Mouth: The mouth is supposed to be that way, but I fixed it up a little. It’s not finished though as I plan to rig it with shape keys.

#2 Ears: I was lazy when I first modelled the ears :frowning: But I just cut off some off the bottom and wielded them to the head. How does this look?

#3 Ear Color: How’s this shade?

Feedback from anyone appreciated!


Another shot:

Does this model look complete? Should I add anything or go straight to rigging?


Hmm where is his nose? Also, parts of the body as separate meshes don’t look good for me. Shading and light need to be improved- one lamp in front of model makes it flat-looking. There’s lot of work to do before you can say that model is finished.

Thank you for your comments freeqstyler.

Hmm where is his nose?
Here’s his nose! Lol I forgot that part :smiley: The separate mesh arms and legs are simply a matter of style which I chose to have for this model. I also need to read up on lighting and get better at that.

And as you can see, I rigged him :slight_smile: Comments?

EDIT here’s a screenshot just for fun :smiley:


Another funny render:


Topology update: Fixed some problems on the head and mouth. Moved the nose up a little.


Nice work Robo, can we see an animation test?

Sure think stasislock! And thanks for the comment :smiley:

The test animation is comming along well! here’s a screen:


Looks good, cant wait to see the finished project!

I can’t wait either! A few delays here, but progress is steady! Hopefully I’ll render it tonight. My character animations skills are not very good, and through this little project I hope to improve them. That being said, don’t expect a “totally amazing animation”.

EDIT: A screenshot for those of you who like screens. (I’m nuts about screenshots so bear with me.)


UPDATE: All the animating is FINISHED. Now I’m rendering. Probably I will post the Vimeo link tomorrow. (because i’m over 1500 frames and slow computer haha)

UPDATE: Animation is all rendered but guess what? I got my file format wrong! Haven’t done this in a while haha…

So I’ll render again (didn’t take as much time as anticipated) and I’ll post it very soon (as in 1-2 hours time).

Wahoo!! Uploaded to Vimeo!

A few comments:

#1 Eyes…I had lots of fun rigging the eyes. How do their movements look?

#2 It bugs me the fact that his mouth is always open. Shape keys are the next thing to be added to this rig :smiley:

#3 I see the topo issues on his head (very visible when he turns around) and on his tummy. Will fix that.

#4 Yes yes I know…my walk cycle stinks. But hey, that’s why I made this dude…to work on character animation.

What do you think? The more crits the better Red Thing Encounter 2 will be :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

I’m also planning to release this rig on my blog as free download. That is, after I get it really good (good topo etc)