Stick fight! (Yes, another one)

I wanted to improve my animation skills, but I didn’t want to risk a faulty rig or mesh setup to be a setback in the middle of the process. Plus, I was trying out different rigs to see which setup is the best for me. One of the better ones was a stick figure model from the late Luccas Bode. Simple model, great rig!

I did improve my animation skills. But sometimes the movements are a little “robotic”. I did my best making it smooth, but I’m not really that good with the graph editor yet. Still, I think it worked out pretty good. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Very robotic, but at least there was some humour. You should try to add anticipation to your characters movements: eg they bring their fist back before punching forward.

Thanks for your reply!
That would make the movements look more natural. Any tips and tricks on making the movements itself more smooth? Is it possible to use any modifiers or type of key frame, or do I really need to edit and smooth out all key frames manually in the graph editor?

clean key frames manually and try to get more body part moving and keep them moving . like if you raise your arm your shoulder , head , knee and hips move also. that’s cure for robotic movement.

I just wasted several hours. :frowning: It started out good with some very simple movements. But at trying to clean up a very simple walk, every time I cleaned up a key frame, all related frames went bad. The best I could do is create a new walk cycle that is also robotic, but just in a slightly different way.
Clearly, manually messing around in the graph editor is not a really good way to make an animation. It takes a lot of time and the result is slim to zero. I know it takes time to animate, but this is not the way to go. Surely there must be some sort of other way? Modifiers? Scripts? Types of keyframes? If not, I hope that they will take the time to further improve Blender in the animation part. It could save a lot of time. :slight_smile:

What you lack in animation you completely made up for with comedy and music. I was too busy laughing to care about the imperfections. I mean imagine if you had ultra realistic and super perfect animation but horrible to no story. It would have been lousy at best. This in my opinion is an example of how someone can “fix” their animation or compensate for their lack in animation skills. Keep making these man - I can’t wait until you have high quality animation combined with your story/comedy skills