Stick Figure (new animation)

I’m new to the world of 3d art so I could use some constructive (destructive?) critisism on this guy here.

Hes supposed to more or less resemble what i usually hand draw ( )

I also used an earlier version in a test animation

So anyways, since 99% of my knowledge comes from reading things on elysiun i thought id let you take a gander.

well, welcome to the 3d world :smiley:

You got a nice start :d keep it up!

ooh I just saw your anim, Now I want to know, how did you make the particle stop moving??? I always wanted to do that :smiley:

Keep it up!

I followed this

It kinda explains it in the blurb on the bottom of the page. The way i got the particles and the bone animation to slow down and speed up at the same time was to just copy and paste the ‘time’ curve to each. To be honest, i think i just got really lucky it worked because im having issues recreating the effect with other things :smiley:

heh, that really made me start laughing :smiley:
Only real crit is that the materials well arnt very good :frowning:
If you turn down the spec value the objects wont be as shiny

Ok, tweaked the materials, and added hips because biped movement is rather hard without them. ill start animating something soon since hes fully armatured and whatnot.

Ok, now ive tried animating him picking up a ball, hows this look?

i videoed myself picking up a basketball as a reference to how fast it should be and the general way my arms and legs moved.

Good job. The only thing is that when he bends over his knees appear to almost touch the ground. And he has a strang wiggle as he is picking up the ball?? And when i slow it down it looks like his shoulder, or neck actually extend away from his head. But that is pretty good all in all.

Keep it up!!! :slight_smile:

always remember to lift with your legs…